Too busy lawn mowing to re-box Christmas

I am overwhelmed and getting my butt kicked with no relief in sight. None, whatsoever. You know the feeling. I used to have several columns written ahead, but it’s 12:15 AM right now and I need to submit this one electronically before leaving for work tomorrow.

Usually in such cases, I would just set my alarm for 4 AM and get up early, counting on my early morning energy to crank out 700 words. Only the 4 AM slot tomorrow is already been bid on by treatment plans for work. And I also have to leave earlier than usual for work tomorrow to go to the medical appointment of another family member as she receives test results from a previous visit. So I had to both front-load and rear-load my sleep loss for column writing purposes. Kind of like choosing being boiled in oil over being burned by open flame.

I’m berating myself for not moving as many small mountains as I would like within the time and resources permitted. I’ll let you in on a guilty little secret during this second week in May: My Christmas tree is still up. Why? Because it hasn’t caught fire and only the fires that most need to be put out by me are getting attended to these days. Make that only the fires that are flaming to such great extent I can no longer simply run past them to get to the multiple other fires everyday life has ignited for me.

Some of the fires are the result of burning the candle at both ends; the carelessness that results from extreme emotional, intellectual and physical weariness, which results from working ridiculously long hours because there aren’t enough in the day to accomplish the basics once you get home from the workplace where you gave the best of yourself only to fall further behind.

Ever notice that when you’re too tired to keep up with multiple, competing demands, you end up neglecting a crucial one, which then domino-effects several others? The lead domino in my sequence of unfortunate, interrelated events resembled the lawnmower battery in my riding lawnmower that I stalled on replacing until the old one was so depleted it could no longer be jumped. It toppled into the other dominos on Sunday.

Ignore my battery procrastination being monetarily-motivated. Also skip over the fact the battery finally gave up the ghost between the third and fourth lawn cuttings of 2012, three-quarters of which occurred in April, which is just outright wrong! No one in Michigan, excepting greens keepers, should mow more than once in April. But it offered me an alibi: How could I possibly take down my Christmas tree when I was too busy mowing lawn?!

My second domino involved needing to make a special trip to the home improvement store for a battery. I didn’t think I absolutely needed one until I found myself gifted with an unplanned two-hour, free-time block between two rainy days. Much as I needed to spend that much-needed free-time collapsing into a lawn chair, trying to stay awake long enough to read, the free-time had “lawn mowing” written all over it.

My son and I hooked up the new battery. I tasked him with bagging and placing the old battery on the passenger side floor of my car to return to the store to recoup the battery core charge. I neglected to tell him to keep it upright. I thought it went without saying. It didn’t. Domino number three.

When loading the car for work on Monday, I noticed a thick layer of battery acid goo coated the car floor. The car also sported a flat tire, which I had to inflate enough, with three sets of 75 pumps, using a bicycle tire pump to be able to drive to my tire fix-it guy. Domino number four.

I used to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Thanks to allergy season starting a month early along with lawn mowing this year, you can delete “bright-eyed” from my description. To compensate, I’ve become extra bushy-tailed, a.k.a. “squirrelly.” Or as some people observe, simply “nuts,” probably due to that still upright Christmas tree. It’s coming down tonight.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heidi Louise Rawson
    May 17, 2012 @ 14:27:20

    Maybe I’ll get mine down this weekend!! Of course, it is ceramic and sits on a table so maybe not yet? 😉 I have another friend I am threatening to steal away for a girls day away. Wanna go?


  2. Sheldon Phillips
    May 17, 2012 @ 14:45:35

    A very Merry Unchristmas to you


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