Lies of the soul are disproved through action

Not long ago, one of my students asked me which kind of lies I thought were the worst. Recalling a previous discussion we’d had on the difference between mortal and venial sins, I suspected he had somewhere he wanted to go with the topic.
Sure enough, he wanted to chat about the difference between white and black lies. I threw him a curve: “I think the worst type of lies are the ones we tell ourselves.” He was baffled by my answer and immediately set about shooting it down. Until I elaborated through one of those discussions you may need to be of a certain age to appreciate, so it may have been totally lost on him. Nevertheless, I continued because I needed to hear the explanation again, myself.
To quote Steve Chandler, from his book 17 Lies That Are Holding You Back and the Truth That Will Set You Free, “There are everyday lies, and there are lies to the soul. A lie to the soul runs deeper than an everyday lie. It’s a lie designed to kill the spirit. We are powerful, but we lie and say we are not. Awareness is the road out.”
Chandler targets the following lies, not necessarily in order of most prevalent or important (he just had to start somewhere): 1. It’s who you know; 2. There’s something wrong with me; 3. I’m too old for that; 4. I can’t because I’m afraid; 5. I’d love to do that but I don’t have the time; 6.There’s nothing I can do; 7. I worry because I care; 8. I’m sadder but wiser; 9. The longer I have a habit, the harder it is to break; 10. People really upset me; 11. Winning the lottery would solve everything; 12. They’re too beautiful for this world; 13. You hurt my self-esteem; 14. It’s a shame we didn’t capture that on video; 15. That’s just the way I am; 16. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger; 17. I am helpless.
Unarguably, each of these soul lies is arguable – if we are willing to take the time (that we claim we don’t have) to dispute and disprove them through action. Really, action is the only thing known to effectively kick the butt of soul lies. What discourages us from taking the necessary action is that like slick informercial product hawkers, each of these lies cleverly self-perpetuates through carrying at least a small grain of truth that appeals to our secular, non-spiritual thinking. They address the reasonable, path of least resistance, attracted to the simplest explanation parts of our brains that are always more than happy to allow the good to be the enemy of the better.
Complacency kills. Or at least seriously maims through managing to significantly delay us from taking immediate action that would help us fulfill our considerable individual and collective potential. While I try to practice prayer and waiting on God’s timing, soul lies counter-convince me to wait even longer on something or someone else, usually outside help, my ship to come in, the cows to come home, etc., long past their estimated arrival time. All time wasters.
Chandler quotes Tracy Goss, author of The Last Word on Power, on buying into soul lie-suggested inaction: “Death is not the most profound loss or tragedy in life. That which dies inside of us as we live is a far greater loss. The loss of possibility, a loss that comes from running our personal rackets, has ravaged the lives of too many individuals who could have otherwise transformed the world.”
Yeah, I know it’s a variation on another famous quote, but I like this one better because it references the personal rackets, or soul lie schemes we scam ourselves with, resulting in spiritual paralysis.
So, what are we waiting for? Effortless spontaneous change? Poof, we’re all better? While I’ve occasionally experienced spontaneous electronic healing with appliances, I have yet to experience a personal rekindling of spirit without first having to strike a match under my own bottom. Sometimes a flamethrower is required to do the job. Blast yourself off your laurels. Require more of yourself than being just the way you think you are.


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  1. Terri Sebren Montgomery
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 14:23:41

    Interesting. If one is not aware of personal rackets or soul lies, then one is not lying?


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